How much does it cost?

If your business needs additional funds to grow, inFund could help. inFund specialises in providing affordable funds for businesses just like yours, whatever you need the money for.

For example, Mike owns a coffee shop in the heart of London. Ahead of the tourist rush Mike wanted to borrow £20,000 to help him expand his front-of-shop area. Having been declined by banks because of their traditional approach to lending, he turned to inFund.

Costs were of course a big factor for Mike and because inFund’s loans are structured to be convenient and affordable Mike was able to proceed with his application for a short-term unsecured business loan. inFund was able to offer Mike a simple daily repayment plan over 12 months which meant repaying less than £92 per working day.

Try our loan calculator below and see how simple our loans are.

Loan Calculator

  • Daily repayment amount £0.00
  • Number of repayments 0
  • Amount to be repaid £0.00

This loan calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is based on a monthly interest rate of 1.33%. Actual figures are provided at the point of application.

*For reasons of client confidentiality the example presented here is a scenario case study. All loans are subject to application, status and credit assessments. Loan amounts and interest rates vary depending upon information provided, credit position and borrowing criteria. Loans are available solely for business purposes.